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Slimfit Juice| Supports Weight Management | Boosts Metabolism

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  • Boost Your Immunity Naturally
  • Naturally Shields Against Viral Threats


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    "Slimfit Juice is a scientifically formulated drink that supports weight management and boosts metabolism. With its unique blend of ingredients, this juice can help you achieve your fitness goals. Reduce body fat and increase energy levels with Slimfit Juice."

    Slimfit Juice| Supports Weight Management | Boosts Metabolism

    Slimfit Juice| Supports Weight Management | Boosts Metabolism

    Rs. 999.00


    Slimfit Juice| Supports Weight Management | Boosts Metabolism

    Slimfit Juice| Supports Weight Management | Boosts Metabolism

    Rs. 999.00 Rs. 2,156.00
    54% off


    Enjoy the power of Giloy in our herbal juice – a trusted aid to manage sugar levels. This natural wonder boasts renowned hypoglycemic properties, offering a helping hand in regulating sugar. By embracing regular consumption, you're not only nurturing fitness but also bolstering immunity against various ailments. Elevate your well-being with every sip, courtesy of the goodness of 100% pure, natural, and organic ingredients.

    • Boost Your Immunity Naturally: The power of Giloy Juice will shield against fevers and flu. This herbal elixir supercharges your immunity, providing robust protection. Bid adieu to ailments as Giloy strengthens your body's defense.
    • Naturally Shields Against Viral Threats: Farm Naturelle Slimfit Juice is a shield of nature to guard against viral infections. Crafted to keep you safe, these pure, organic blends are your natural defense. Elevate your health the way nature intended, with each sip strengthening your armor.

    All men, women of all ages and children can consume it.

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    Benefits Of Slimfit Juice

    Nature's Answer to Aches and Headaches

    Taste the soothing touch of nature with our herbal juices. Bid farewell to bothersome body aches and pesky headaches. Embrace the power of purity as our juices work harmoniously to keep discomfort at bay. Naturally derived, our drinks are your go-to remedy for aches – leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated, and ache-free.

    Naturally Nurtured Skin

    Rediscover radiant skin with our herbal juice range. Crafted from pure, organic ingredients, our juices work harmoniously to enhance skin health. Embrace the beauty of nature as you enjoy a revitalizing journey towards a more vibrant complexion.

    Bottle Health for You

    Experience the power of pure, natural herbal juices. Our exquisite range offers holistic relief from fever, rheumatism, gout, jaundice, and anemia. Embrace the goodness of nature as you journey towards a healthier you.

    Nature's Support for Balanced Blood Sugar

    Giloy- celebrated for its hypoglycemic properties, this juice gently helps maintain healthy sugar levels. Embrace the goodness of pure, organic ingredients, crafted to nurture your vitality.


    How To Use


    Shake well before use


    Mix 25ml of juice in a glass of water.


    Take empty stomach in the morning and 1 hour post dinner


    See why Farm Naturelle is 100 times Better

    Farm Naturelle Slimfit Juice



    Unprocessed, Raw

    No added sugar

    High Nutritional Value

    Normal Juice


    Added Chemicals

    Filtered, heated, pasteurized

    Added Sugar

    Less Nutritional Value

    Why Farm Naturelle?

    Here’s why we’re the real deal.

    Own Organic Farm


    Own Apiary (I5K Honey Boxes )

    Own manufacturing

    Ethical Certified


    We will Answer All Your Questions

    Like any other food or drink, herbal juice may cause side effects in some people. It depends on the type of herbs used, the quantity consumed, and individual tolerance. Some common side effects of herbal juice may include stomach upset, diarrhea, allergic reactions, and interactions with medications. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming herbal juice, especially if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications.
    It is generally safe to drink herbal juice every day, but it is important to consume it in moderation and consult with a healthcare professional before making it a regular part of your diet.
    Drinking herbal juice may offer a range of health benefits, such as boosting immunity, improving digestion, reducing inflammation, and promoting relaxation.
    Herbal juice is a drink made by blending fresh or dried herbs with water or other liquids. It is a natural way to consume herbs and may offer various health benefits.
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