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Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea Blended with Saffron, Almonds, Spices -100% Natural Ingredients

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  • Flavorful Charm of Jammu & Kashmir
  • Healthier Sips Your Way
  • Sip Serenity All Day


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    As a blend of green tea, saffron, almonds, and spices, Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea offers a 100% natural and healthy option for tea drinkers. Savor the exquisite taste of this traditional Kashmiri beverage while enjoying the numerous benefits of green tea and the added nutrients of saffron, almonds, and spices.

    Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea Blended with Saffron, Almonds, Spices -100% Natural Ingredients

    Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea Blended with Saffron, Almonds, Spices -100% Natural Ingredients

    Rs. 240.00


    Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea Blended with Saffron, Almonds, Spices -100% Natural Ingredients

    Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea Blended with Saffron, Almonds, Spices -100% Natural Ingredients

    Rs. 240.00 Rs. 389.00
    39% off


    Immerse yourself in the essence of Farm Naturelle Kashmiri Shahi Qawah (Kahwa) – a premium fusion that delights the senses and soothes the soul. A cherished tradition in Jammu and Kashmir, this authentic brew, harvested using timeless methods, brings the goodness of the valleys to you. With its masterfully curated blend of spices and green tea, it offers a symphony of flavors and a tapestry of health benefits. Embrace the pure heritage, sip by sip.

    • Flavorful Charm of Jammu & Kashmir:Carefully crafted using age-old methods, our Qawah embraces the pure essence and fragrant allure of Jammu and Kashmir's valleys.
    • Healthier Sips Your Way:Savor the goodness of Farm Naturelle Kashmiri Shahi Qawah—a wholesome and authentic choice over sugary beverages. Crafted from nature's treasures, this herbal tea is a burst of health with zero artificial flavors, preservatives, or coloring. Embrace a natural, refreshing indulgence that uplifts your well-being. Cheers to a healthier you!
    • Sip Serenity All Day:Indulge in the delightful and aromatic infusion that brings a sense of calmness, perfect for any time of the day. Let the soothing flavors take you on a serene journey, making each moment a cherished one.


    Benefits Of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

    Authentic Taste of J&K:

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Kashmiri culture with Farm Naturelle Kashmiri Shahi Qawah. Unveil the essence of India's diverse flavors through every comforting cup.

    Indulge in Kashmir's Finest:

    Crafted from a luxurious blend of aromatic spices and green tea leaves, it offers a genuine taste of this enchanting region's cultural legacy. Immerse yourself in the heritage of Kashmir, one sip at a time.

    Delight of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea:

    Indulge in the symphony of exquisite aromas and flavors with Kashmiri Kahwa tea. This enchanting infusion of Indian spices offers a gentle, satisfying taste. Perfect for those moments when you seek a touch of warmth without the weight of traditional milk coffee or tea. Embrace the magic of a delightful cup that transports you to comfort in every sip.


    How To Use


    Add 1 teaspoon of Lemongrass Mint Green Tea to a cup (200ml) of water.


    Boil for 5-7 minutes.


    Strain the tea, You may add sugar or honey to taste.


    See why Farm Naturelle is 100 times Better

    Farm Naturelle Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

    Premium Quality Ingredients


    No Artificial Flavours

    Normal Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

    Regular Quality Ingredients

    Can have chemicals

    Artificial Flavours

    Why Farm Naturelle?

    Here’s why we’re the real deal.

    Own Organic Farm


    Own Apiary (I5K Honey Boxes )

    Own manufacturing

    Ethical Certified


    We will Answer All Your Questions

    Kahwa herbal tea is your perfect bedtime companion. Say goodbye to restless nights with this comforting brew, designed to tackle insomnia and calm anxiety. Feel rejuvenated as it gently sweeps away toxins and free radicals, aiding your body's natural detox process.
    Savor the goodness of our aromatic herbal tea, a secret ally in your fitness journey. Watch as it tackles fat, keeping your heart vibrant. The magic of Kahwa's cinnamon curbs cravings, balancing sugar and slashing cholesterol. Embrace a healthier you effortlessly.
    Unveil a natural glow as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory wonders safeguard your skin from free radical harm. Indulge in this unique, flavorful elixir, embracing its holistic charm as it nurtures your skin with love. Your journey to radiant skin begins with every sip of Kashmiri Kahwa.
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