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Flax Seed Oil

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  • Nourish Naturally with Organic Flax Seed Oil
  • Culinary Delights with Our Flax Seed Oil
  • Nurtures Heart & Liver Vitality


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    Expertly crafted from pure flax seeds, our flax seed oil is a rich source of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. With its high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid, it can support brain and eye health, reduce inflammation, and improve skin and hair conditions. Elevate your cooking and nourish your body with this nutritious oil.

    Flax Seed Oil

    Flax Seed Oil

    Rs. 269.00


    Flax Seed Oil

    Flax Seed Oil

    Rs. 269.00 Rs. 320.00
    16% off


    The goodness of 100% natural, cold-pressed Organic Flax Seed Oil (Hindi-Alsi Oil). Its protein and fiber naturally curb appetite, aiding weight management. Ideal for cooking, it nurtures heart and liver health. Enjoy radiant skin and lustrous hair. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with its weight loss benefits. Support heart health by enhancing artery flexibility and lowering blood pressure. Reveal beautiful skin, fight wrinkles, and hydrate. Immerse in antioxidant-rich Flax Seed Oil for balanced wellness.

    • Nourish Naturally with Organic Flax Seed Oil:Packed with protein and fiber, it's your natural partner for curbing cravings and managing weight. Savor the goodness of cold-pressed, unrefined wellness, as this oil assists in reducing appetite, making your journey towards balanced health and weight control a delightful one.
    • Culinary Delights with Our Flax Seed Oil:Revitalize your meals with our 100% natural, cold pressed, unrefined oil – not just a culinary marvel, but a wellness elixir too! Elevate your cooking with the goodness of organic ingredients, making every bite a healthful delight.
    • Nurtures Heart & Liver Vitality:Elevate your heart and liver well-being effortlessly. Our natural elixirs support the health of these vital organs, ensuring your wellness journey is backed by nature's finest.

    All men, women of all ages and children can consume it.

    Flax Seed Oil


    Benefits Of Flax Seed Oil

    Skin and Hair Wellness:

    Elevate your skin's glow and hair's strength naturally.

    Healthy Weight Management:

    Empowering your weight management efforts, these oils offer nature's touch in every drop.

    Heart's Best Friend:

    Feel the difference in your cardiovascular well-being as you embrace the benefits of this organic elixir, straight from nature's lap to your wellness journey.

    Naturally Radiant Skin:

    Effortlessly combats wrinkles, restoring a youthful glow.


    How To Use




    Skin Care


    Hair Care


    See why Farm Naturelle is 100 times Better

    Organic Flaxseed Oil

    Unrefined, Cold Pressed

    Higher Nutritional Values



    100% Pure

    Processed Flaxseed Oil


    Less Nutritional Values



    Has Additives

    Why Farm Naturelle?

    Here’s why we’re the real deal.

    Own Organic Farm


    Own Apiary (I5K Honey Boxes )

    Own manufacturing

    Ethical Certified

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