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100% Pure Black Seed Oil | Organic Black Seed Oil

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  • Organic Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil
  • Our Therapeutic Wellness Oils
  • Improve Your Memory


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    This 100% pure and natural black seed oil, also known as Hindi-Kalongi oil, is a premium source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants for enhanced skin and hair health. With a long history of use in traditional medicine, this organic oil is renowned for its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

    100% Pure Black Seed Oil | Organic Black Seed Oil

    100% Pure Black Seed Oil | Organic Black Seed Oil

    Rs. 339.00


    100% Pure Black Seed Oil | Organic Black Seed Oil

    100% Pure Black Seed Oil | Organic Black Seed Oil

    Rs. 339.00 Rs. 430.00
    22% off


    Experience the wonders of 100% pure, cold-pressed Virgin Black Seed Oil (Kalongi oil). Unlock therapeutic benefits that enhance memory and bone health. Revitalize kidneys, skin, and hair—say goodbye to wrinkles and hair loss. Boost immunity with daily consumption. Breathe easy as sinus issues melt away.

    • Organic Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil:Embrace pure well-being with our Organic Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil, lovingly crafted from Kalongi seeds. 100% natural and unrefined, it's a treasure trove of natural goodness. Experience the power of nature's touch in every drop, as we bring you the finest, untouched by chemicals.
    • Our Therapeutic Wellness Oils:Experience gentle yet potent remedies that rejuvenate your body and mind. Crafted through cold pressing, these unrefined elixirs retain their full potency and natural essence.
    • Improve Your Memory:Crafted from nature's bounty, these unrefined elixirs offer a natural boost to your memory prowess. Embrace the goodness of unprocessed, organic ingredients, thoughtfully extracted to invigorate your cognitive abilities.

    All men, women of all ages and children can consume it.

    Black Seed Oil


    Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

    Strengthens Your Bones Naturally:

    Experience the power of nature as it supports and fortifies your bones.

    Nurturing Your Kidneys:

    Experience the goodness of our 100% natural, cold-pressed, unrefined, and organic wellness oils that gently support and enhance your kidney health.

    Nourish, Hydrate, & Smooth Away Wrinkles:

    Achieve a radiant glow as our oils deeply moisturize, transforming dryness into supple softness.

    Revitalize Your Hair Naturally:

    Nourishing your hair from root to tip, our oils naturally fortify strands, preventing hair loss and promoting strength.


    How To Use




    Skin Care


    Hair Care


    See why Farm Naturelle is 100 times Better

    Organic Black Seed Oil

    Unrefined, Cold Pressed

    Higher Nutritional Values



    100% Pure

    Processed Black Seed Oil


    Less Nutritional Values



    Has Additives

    Why Farm Naturelle?

    Here’s why we’re the real deal.

    Own Organic Farm


    Own Apiary (I5K Honey Boxes )

    Own manufacturing

    Ethical Certified

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